library/media class

During our time in Library/Media class, students will work together to:

  1. Follow an inquiry-based process to identify and select appropriate resources 

  2. Apply higher-order thinking skills to gather and record information, draw conclusions,
    and create new understandings

  3. Assess and reflect on process and product 

  4. Use information and technology ethically and responsibly

  5. Pursue personal and aesthetic growth

Students will be assessed in these standards via: 

  • Successful completion of class/group/individual activities designed for the Library/Media class

  • Observations of student work/effort on homeroom and cluster assignments while in the LMC

Students will receive two grades in Library each marking period.  

  • Academic Progress. Students will receive a Pass (P) or Fail (F):

    • Pass = satisfying at least the minimum level on all class assignments

    • Fail = completing less than the minimum or entirely missing multiple assignments

  • Citizenship.  This grade (in whole letters only) reflects the degree to which students:

    • Cooperate and behave in a responsible and respectful manner to support the learning process

    • Follow directions and demonstrate effort

    • Practice responsible use and care of all LMC materials and equipment


I am always open to questions, please do not hesitate to email me!