Check out the links to resources you need for Units of Study in Language Arts, Social Studies and Science...  If, during the course of your work, you find a specific resource that you think will be helpful to others, please let us know!

Always follow the order of Reed Research:

  1. Begin with the LMC Collection. Use Destiny and WebPath Express to find books and websites recommended by teachers and librarians.

  2. Use online research databases such as Britannica School or World Geography & Culture Online...  subscription services like these will provide you with great information.

  3. After you have tried 1 and 2, then venture beyond into the world of search engines and the world wide web.  You MUST make sure you evaluate your sources (CARS) if going this route!

5th Grade Units

  • Westward Expansion

  • Latin America

  • Light

  • Poetry

  • Senses

  • Solar System

6th Grade Units

  • Africa

  • Ancient China

  • Biomes/Ecosystems

  • Chemistry

  • Europe

  • Pollution/Water/Recycling

  • South Asia

  • Weather